socks_rocks (socks_rocks) wrote in sirius_ly,

Hi guys, anyone believes he's alive?

Hello everyone, I'm new to the community and just would like to know how many of you believe Sirius is alive. You know, it's just one book now and Harry Potter will be over. So I figure people probably have made up their minds about a few issues, like Sirius being really dead or not.

I, for example, believe HE LIVES and we'll see him ALIVE in Book 7.

What about you guys?
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I dunno. I'm torn. Because I seem to recall JKR saying in an interview or something that he was really truly dead but we hadn't seen the last of him or something to that effect. However. It depresses me to think that he's really dead. I think we'll definitely see him again in book 7 though, either way.
I am in denial....He is alive I adore him.
I'm with you, he still lives, he's too gorgeous to let go of.

I just can't believe a writer would create a: Sexy + Cool (long-haired! rebel!) + Brave + Loving + Long-and-unjustly-suffering + HOT GUY WITH FLYING MOTORBIKE and never actually write a scene with him riding the bike????????????????

Is JKR not a woman people??? Come on!
oh I forgot, by the way I love your icon <3