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My name's Renee and I am new to the group! I just wanted to introduce myself and say that the first time I read POA I was madly in love with Sirius and looked forward to his appearance in each of the last books. Part of me died when he did. I am in strict denial of it, of course, I cannot believe such a thing could happen, he's my favorite character and I cried for like an hour afterwards, not only for myself but for Harry as well. I mean He has NO ONE to begin with then he is given a Godfather and then he's taken away... FROM ALL OF US! I just hope it's a cruel joke and J.K. Rowling will find some way to bring him back in the enxt book. I dont know if I can bring myself to read the sixth book if my Sirius is missing...
Obsessive? Yes, but he's wonderful.... Remus is beautiful too, but this forum is about Sirius.... Does anyone here make Icons? Cause I am tryingto find someone who can make me a Sirius Icon....
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