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By reading anything posted in this community, you risk exposure to spoilers for the Harry Potter series up to and including Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

If you have not read or finished reading the book, please leave immediately to avoid spoilers.

Please note that accusations of spoiling the Harry Potter series made after July 15, 2003 will result in your immediate removal from the community without prior notice.

Thank you for your understanding.


Art post: Sirius [28 Jun 2006|09:33pm]

Rating: G

Young Sirius
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Art post: Remus/Sirius [13 Apr 2006|04:37pm]

Rating: pg-13 (?)

Just a kiss
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4 Drabbles [09 Mar 2006|01:39pm]

Title: The End (parts 1 – 4)
Author: Chickatrandom
Characters: might need to read this one to find out.
Word count: 100 a piece (so 400 in all)
A/N: These are drabbles not entirely focused around Sirius, but the matters that happen thereafter. Each are 100 words long, and I tried to convey as much of the story in each section as I could.. Each should be a finished piece in it's 100 word form... Hope you guys like...
PS: I'm not sure Stealthily is a word.


Close your eyes. Take a breath. It will all be over in a minute. The taste is not as bad as he remembers; the toffee flavoring completely overwhelms the flavor. The hard candy taste flows down his throat, and he knows how close he is to the ultimate reward for his troubles.

Infiltrating the castle under this guise was easy, almost too easy. He slips through the shadows almost unseen. His hand grips his wand as he steps through the portrait of the Fat Lady.

Stealthily he climbs the stairs and into the seventh year dormitory, He must be quick.


Harry wakes in a cold sweat only to find Ron hovering over him like a mother hen. The wand gripped tightly in his hand. A million questions race through his mind as Harry stares at the face of his best friend. “What are you--?”

A silent scream passes from his lips, as Harry is struck down mid-sentence. A jolt of bright green light flashes across the room. Harry hits the floor with a thud, dead weight on the marble floor.

The hour is almost up, and he knows if he doesn’t leave now, he won’t make it out alive.


The transformation has begun, the familiar pain of body distortions racks his body, but it does little to slow him down. He races down the stairs and towards the door, any door out of this God Forsaken castle.

A sudden thought slams home, “I’m not getting out of here alive.” But as he steps from the large oak doors the thought is erased in a moment of all encompassing freedom.

Still running, his Ron façade fading into bleach white skin and bone, he’s almost to Hogsmeade. If he can just make it there, he’ll be free to apparate far away.


Two more steps and he’ll cross that barrier. Now it’s one more. His mouth forms the words to transport him home, but before he can speak them, another voice breaks into his reverie. “Avada Kedavra” A familiar light of neon green flashes across the midnight sky.

There is an instant of immense pain and then nothing. No feather light feeling of being devoid of body, no recognition of anything. He just ceases to be. Severus steps from the shadows, his body shaking. A single tear slides down his sallow cheek, and his breath catches in his throat. War is ugly.
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Hi guys, anyone believes he's alive? [17 Feb 2006|06:33pm]

Hello everyone, I'm new to the community and just would like to know how many of you believe Sirius is alive. You know, it's just one book now and Harry Potter will be over. So I figure people probably have made up their minds about a few issues, like Sirius being really dead or not.

I, for example, believe HE LIVES and we'll see him ALIVE in Book 7.

What about you guys?
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New and baring fics [29 Jan 2006|08:11pm]

Hi there! The idea for this community is just brilliant. I really do need a support group, teheh.
Talking about coping, I wrote this little fic to do just that. There's not much point to it, really, but I like how it turned out. Enjoy!

Title: Blackbird
Rating: G
Summary: Songfic to the song of the same name by The Beatles. It's just one peaceful moment in time. I tried to look at the positive side of things, so this is an attempt to feel good about something so, so horrible.
Warnings: Nothing but the obvious spoiler.

Read more...Collapse )
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Promoting (x-posted) [21 Jan 2006|05:18pm]

Hey if any of my friends who like RPG and Harry Potter want to join a kick ass RPG community come and join us at Impero_oocc
We are a Mauraders Era RPG and there are still a lot of characters that need to be filled. Check us out!
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Fanarts [07 Nov 2005|12:12am]

Sirius's new costume
Rating: G
Link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/reggie20/850.html?mode=reply

Rating: G
Link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/reggie20/1183.html?mode=reply
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new member [13 Aug 2005|08:58am]

[ mood | crushed ]

hi, just joined the community about five-ten minutes ago.
Having finally gotten into harry potter, Sirius black has been one of my favorite characters, I love him... a lot. I could not stop crying after reading about his death in the fifth book (which I finished last night) and then I kept crying harder reading about Harry's reaction and even more with Dumbledore's explanation. I'm a wreck. I can't look at that book without sniffing.
Anyway, I decided that I had to find a community for the lovely Black and join ASAP.

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the new person [28 Jun 2005|02:37am]

[ mood | creative ]


And on with the shameless self-promotion:

_iconsgalore_ witchcrest

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causing_mayhem [17 Jun 2005|05:07pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Game Name: causing_mayhem

~Players Needed For Most Parts~
~OCs Allowed~

For more information and to apply:

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First MWPP Story :-) [20 May 2005|04:54pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Breaking Up The Marauders (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2378251/1/)
Author: Ruinsul (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/556676/)
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: PG-13/T
Summary: "There can't be any Marauder pranks if there aren't any Marauders..."
When the Marauders finally push Lily and her friends too far, they decide to retaliate. But even the most carefully laid out plan can go awry...

Check it out :-)
If you read it, please review at the site! I love feedback!

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My Sirius Community Promote :) [11 Jan 2005|04:16pm]


Take a look and see what's up. It's promising to be pretty fun :)
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PROMOTING CROSS POSTED [11 Jan 2005|02:45pm]

Hey I thought you all might get a kick out of this. It's a RPG that's based around when Lily and James, Sirius and Lupin were young, it's just starting so you can have a pick of characters.

Let me know if this isn't okay and I'll delete it.

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Hi! [17 Dec 2004|01:37pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

My name's Renee and I am new to the group! I just wanted to introduce myself and say that the first time I read POA I was madly in love with Sirius and looked forward to his appearance in each of the last books. Part of me died when he did. I am in strict denial of it, of course, I cannot believe such a thing could happen, he's my favorite character and I cried for like an hour afterwards, not only for myself but for Harry as well. I mean He has NO ONE to begin with then he is given a Godfather and then he's taken away... FROM ALL OF US! I just hope it's a cruel joke and J.K. Rowling will find some way to bring him back in the enxt book. I dont know if I can bring myself to read the sixth book if my Sirius is missing...
Obsessive? Yes, but he's wonderful.... Remus is beautiful too, but this forum is about Sirius.... Does anyone here make Icons? Cause I am tryingto find someone who can make me a Sirius Icon....

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Icons [14 Aug 2004|02:16am]

[ mood | crappy ]


(More: When the day ends, I'm sure she feels sorrow.)

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Icons [19 Jul 2004|07:49pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]


More here

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[12 Jul 2004|04:58pm]


LJ icons [02 Jul 2004|03:04pm]

[ mood | content ]

1.  2. 

More here

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[09 Jun 2004|11:42pm]

i new to the community and im still depressed and in denial over sirius's death! i miss him. but this has been bothering me...does anyone know why cho chag hasnt been mentioned at all? i really dislike her but even i must admit that she does exist. ♥SIRIUS♥
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SLASH! PARODY! [09 Jun 2004|06:56pm]

FIC: The VamPotter Chronicles

AUTHOR: arrmaitee

PAIRINGS: Harry/Draco, Sirius/Remus

SUMMARY: SLASH! PARODY! Vampire!Draco and Werewolf!Remus are on the prowl… but will they seduce The Boy Who Lived and The Godfather Who Died? Warning – includes excessive references to: Draco’s whooping cough, Harry’s love bites, Remus’ virginal canal, Sirius’ shriveled-up salami, and Filch’s half-eaten pussy(cat).

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing…


(New Chapter 2)
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